Hi People From Stop Me Before…

::: by blues :::

I can hardly type at all — so I don’t want to run a (non-static) blog.

You should be able to leave messages here very easily! (Especially during this time — Nov. 17, 2015.) WordPress is making me “approve ” comments, so it may be an hour or a day before they appear. Sorry. You can also register.

Please leave your blog name at the top, for example:

::: by blog name :::

(If Michael dislikes this invitation, he may let me know here.)

Love to all.


6 thoughts on “Hi People From Stop Me Before…

  1. Hi Paul. Michael J Smith is a Renaissance guy (but why the capital “R”?). His great mind is, I suppose, trying to reach beyond his lucrative but boring day job programming in Python. (I want to learn Nim – the only real “language”). My life has been all messed up due to executory (Begins like: “executive”, ends like: “story”.) motor dyspraxia. Michael has had a complete life. All of the things that I would have wanted.

    I sense he suffers from some sort of malaise and his blog has been an outlet for something. Life is funny that way. Need more Peyote. As far as the average person, the earth may as well just be flat.

  2. SMBIVA will never be die, it’s just transitioning to not living any longer.

    I’ve never tried peyote. Do you recommend it?

    I love your blurb at the top of the page. I’ve had similar thoughts. I sure hope you’re right, blues.

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